Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tagged (You'r it.)

hehe. Sorry lala:P i am lagging and my blog is dying.
So here is my version of the tag.

The Purrrfect Loverboi.

- The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
- Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
- Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
- If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
- Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

1. He must be straight! Well, obviously. :P

2. He has to be just right. Not too fat and not too thin. He has to be maybe either same height as me or much more taller.

3. I can never stand a guy who is in such a mess. Always find guys who has a thing for cleanliness cute. haha. awww, baby. A guy who would pick after themselves, seems much more reliable.

4. That sense of style, very much depending on the 1st impression i have on him. So he has to dress right and look smart like all the time. (This includes their hairstyle) :P Even if he don, he has to have that cute smirk on his face. Hehe, just like a small little cute boy. Very much into guys who knows how to package themselves.

5. He has to be there when i need him OR when i don need him. 24/7. As forgetful as i can be at times. He has to be able to handle all my craziness, calm me down and save me from my commotion.

6. NO SLACKER! I hate guys who are so god damn lazy and cant even fan for himself. Why would i need a guy who needs to rely on me to make him a living. :( grrr. Ambitious but not a workaholic.

7. It would be an extra bonus points if he can cook. wee~ hehe. Or any involvement in any artsy stuff and i would definitely keep my hands on him. Deliciousss, slurp. :P

8. No male chauvinist pig PLEASE. He has to be caring, outgoing, playful (at times), romantic, a true gentlemen. My purrfect loverboi would know how to cheer me up, understands me, pamper me, appreciate what i do for him and cherish what we have and had together. It don't always have to be something big, but just all the small little things we get to do TOGETHER. With him, everyday feels like Valentines. :)

The list shall go on..

9. From life experience i had so far. He must not be a BIG time- Gamer, Clubber, Gambler. As i am not really into any one of those. I won't want him to be so additive in them, till he sets everything apart.

10. LAST but not least, indescribable words and he knows what i want. With only eye contact, he gets me and that would definitely be the key to being my purrfect loverboi.

When would god set all these purrfect lovers free? NEVER. haha. Some how, i guess. Everyone will be able to find someone they love and love them back even more one way or another. So, its the thought that counts when it comes to The Purrrfect Loverboi.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jie jie:)

Had been wanting to upload this picture since some time back.
When i do want to, my fon's usb koink out. *sigh*

My jiejie's. Yes, indeed. Don's see the resemblance eh?
I don't too. sigh. I might be an adopted child. :p hah.

I cant seem to find any picture that has the 3 of us.
As my big jie was in aussie since she was 18 or so?

So it is a pity. I do miss her at times.

But never the less.
the time for the complete picture will come.
She will be coming back here on the 26th of Oct.

Short little post, to say.
I am still surviving.

- ta-

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its been a while! hehe.

Sorry yeah, din really have the mood or even time to blog. *sigh*

It takes time to settle down,
from all the new experiences that i am having now.

Well, things are changing.

New classes equals new assignments,
lecturer to please:P, new groups?

Yeah pretty much that.

Finally had the mood to edit some pictures. hehe yays!

A new toy for the family!
Complimentary from Anna Sui "Magic Romance Perfume"
Cute huh? hehe! :)

Even recent toy:P CANON EOS 400D with IS.
Photographer wanna-be. hah.
I plan to name it SUPERSTAR or NOT.
As dumb it might sound. But 28.9.08 is a indeed special day.

My soul. My life. I HEART YOU.

Long lost cravings. hah!
FABIEN a.k.a "Little Jade" from Lollipop Boys, Taiwan.

First complete family trip to TAIWAN
firmed on November 3rd! :) Exclusive for the 7 of us.

Papa and mama + Big Jie and Bf + 2nd Jie and Bf + Me and :(

As usual, my kichimatoink pillow will keep me company.
I need a BF too! Boo.

Oh well, as long as i get to go. hehe. Ought to be grateful. :P

Countdown begins. Need to get one of the countdown thingie.

Tick tock ticks, getting late! Gonna run. hehe. Till next~ Ta*>

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 4 letter word.

Love will find its way.

In this world of ours,
Inspiring yet devastating at times,

Who can tell us,
What is meant to be,

When some are separated,
Some are on breaks,
Some are in love,

And yet,

Broken into bits and bits of sorrow,

Who can tell us,
Where to go,

To a place where we will be free,
A place where love find its way.

Who can tell us.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My happy moment.

hehe, Yup. Today i had my happy moment. :) Its been some time since i cook. Yes, yes. To many it may seem i don know how to cook or even do any chores. But, i do enjoy them, ALOT actually. So since had no lunch (din wanna have left overs) i made pasta. It was simple lar, just for myself.

Yes again, it does not look very promising. hehe. But I enjoyed it. Love cooking. Love the process and also the part where you can test the food. *wink*

The ingredients were,
1. A teaspoon of olive oil ( I put less than that i guess?)
2. A yellow onion
3. Some chicken breast (marinated with soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil to add some taste)
4. Carrot (chopped into small bits)
5. Pasta (I chose spiral ones, love them!)
6. Bolognease sauce (Who can resists the tomatoes!)
7. Salt and sugar (To create that unique taste:P)

Simple eh? Be sure to cook the pasta 1st and follow the numbers to throw in the ingredients. Give it some frying and tossing, then its done! Ivy's healthy pasta. I usually put celery and button mushrooms, too bad i don have any at home. hehe. I used to make baked pasta back in the old days, that require more sauce and cheese, so this is more convenient?

Did i say anything about doing my lashes? haha. Some of you has already know abt it i guess. hehe. I was pretty excited abt the whole thing yet some part of me feel the jitters. I did read up on it. No side effects, no biggie lar right i thought to myself. So after the whole thing, yes. I was okay. hah.

I did feel a little prick in the eye as my eyes were teary so it got some mix up with the glue. But, after a while it was better. So phew. Only fall back now is i cant wet the lashes. Or not it will just fall out, cause of the glue. Got to extra careful now when i was my face. I doubt it will last abt 1-2 months also like the girl said. Sigh.

So contemplating to sign up for the course which cost me RM504. It consists of 4 treatments and unlimted touch-up. That would extend the lifespan of the lashes. For now, it was only RM98. But if i want to touch up it will be RM5 PER HAIR! @$%#^&$ ARGH. so, i dunno yet lar. There is not a big diff as well to the before and after. I went for the more natural look, so did not do super long ones. I did take the before and after picture lar. Now only i know, i have alot of lashes, just that they are so thin. Cause the girl told me what they did was just stick the fake ones, one by one to my original lashes. Easy, but slightly tedious. Toook her 2 STRIGHT HOURS.!!! Lying there, not moving. Thank god some point i did fall asleep. :P Anyways, here.

The before and after, not big diff lar. i guess. I think i still cant run from not putting eyeliner lar. Sigh. Thanks mama and papa for small little single eyelid eyes. I don love them sometimes. The pictures look weird too, so, -speechless-

Anyone hasn't watch Transformer? Look, its an Autobot.

Who have known. haha. Msia has a Autobot. Its a Waja, then got stripes. I wonder who drives this car. I just happen to see it when i was waiting in the car. Thought it was quite cute so here are some snaps. Someone really loves transformer? hehe.

What else? Hurm. Its gonna be end of explore soon. Sigh. I am gonna miss the holidays. Back to the Robot times. :( Will post really soon. Chippie's (Sammie) big day just around the corner!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Bday!

Haha, typical title. But once in a life time i guess. Since it is 50 yrs. Yet, i do wonder whether i will still be ard for the 100th.

Yesterday, went to Mellow Cabbage's (Rynz) boi house for bbq. Stupid girl freak me, by saying no cute guys at all. So i was expecting like all ah beng, lala's. *rolls eyes* She also did said there is no anyhting in that hse cause it is on the progress of renting it to ppl. So, gosh. what am i gonna do there. Chippie (Sammie) was suppose to be there as well. But she wasn't feeling too well, so sent her home to rest. Gosh, get well soon okies, sweetie? :)

BUT, lucky for me. There were some interesting guys. I mean they are average lar, fun and one or two are cute? haha. Especially the model look-alike. Freaking thin. Envy. Then Wilber Pan look alike. haha. see him digging into the lamb chops. :P I did find a passion in bbq-ing the food. AT LEAST I HAD SOMETHING TO DO, made me satisfied ad lar. *grins* Then, a firefighter would come to rescue the burn food whenever i screeeeeam my lungs out. (Thanks mate, this refers to rynz boi's fren)

Ard like 1245? or so i head home. There goes Merdeka Day. Woo Hoo? haha. No fireworks was a pity. Only heard like the impact, din see any. Driving back was also a journey lar, ppl still walk ard with their flags. haha.

I might not be a very semangat Malaysian as i don feel the urge to actually celebrate for it. Though its fun for the get-away, the gathering. To meet new ppl and to go places. It would only be fun, if time allow us to do. Which is just nice now since its explore. Gosh, i don want my holiday to end. Time is drifting away just like that. *sigh*

From the moment i became single, things ard me changed. I noticed now. I wont be like celebrating all this big festive days with my frens. Instead is just with him, that special someone that i once love. Since last time i am more of a BF person. Everything would be him 1st, then next would be my frens then me. So i don have much frens. I wont go to parties without him, I wont even wanna go anywhere just as long as i have him to cuddle with and that will be good enough. :) hah. That was me. How silly, can i be right? Just being able to be with him and spending time, i thought i was satisfied. But, it all different now. DIFFERENT. I do wonder how would my next relationship be like. O well, not like anyone can tell me that story or even even sure that it would happen. So, leave it to fate :)

Yor, my blog is so boring:( HELP ME, i need make over lar, for my blog. Getting sick of it till i am attempted to close it down. ARGH.

Hoping all good things will come for all of us and bye lar :P xoxo.

*Happy Belated to GAN lala!!! 28th bday girl! :P

Friday, August 24, 2007

The beginning of an end.

Gosh, i did nothing for the pass 5 days. Today is Friday. The 4th day of my term break. :)

Its been great so far, was so damn gay about the fact that Yays, there is no need for me to be on my lappie doing, rushing my work. Though its only for 3 weeks. Sigh?

Before i forget and let it go in my past. I got an A- for my publication design. My one and only Shh magazine. hehe. I was glad that i made it lar. Was a bit worried that i could not score. Well, what Leon commented did also make my day. Thanks Leon for the advice. I would seriously bear it in mind and will continue to work hard for all my other subject. The part where he said, "every page (of my mag) has love and effort, i can feel it when i read it." Awww. haha it did sound a bit pervert, BUT still. *wink* Although i had to sacrifice a lot of my FUN time for the mag, but i think and feel its all worth it. Leon can see my effort and me being hardworking. When i think about it, I never miss one critique or any of his class before. Gosh, i am sucha freak. O well. Hah. Thats that lar, thank god my effort paid off. *chheers!* I do feel, what i do do not require any skills. So, I think being hardworking can really can me going. Well, at least i hope? I dont really know how it all works. sigh.

OMG, i remember blogging about this before. The shopping bugs are biting into me again. Just in one day i spent more than 300 bucks. So just in this few days, i spent like 1k? Kill me, kill me pleaaase! Okay, i do only have this shopping rash during my break. So, I blame TOA for giving us break. :P I know, i need to stop, buckle up. I will, i will when term commence. Now slowly i have to cut down again. Though last month I din spent a cent lar, so i did already make up for the expenses i made. I take my words back, pur-lease don kill me papa. I LUP YOU. Now and forever, i promise. *wink*

Today, its my day. Although i din manage to shop for my new watch, i did get a few other stuff. I realize my list goes on and on. Most satisfying gift is the "Secret"! WOO HOOO. hehe it cost me RM129 as it is an imported version (Rock Corner claims that it is?) It comes with a book which tells about the movie. It basically the OST of the movie. My o my, Jay seriously knows how to dig some money out of his fans. The book's cover feels like its printed on MILK paper. Soft and so, IRRESISTIBLE. hehe. Lovin it. Thank god i manage to get the last one in the shop. *bluek* Sorry Mellow Cabbage, i wanted to get one for u as well.

I did also invest in one ring. Sigh, i do need a boi soon lar. Damn sad to like get myself a ring, which cost me another 125. :( I dont mind paying it on my own. But wouldnt it be more sweeeeet if your boi gives you a ring instead of your own. Yes, i might say. YES. Just my luck that, i see and meet no one. *boo hoo* Maybe i am just not cut out to be a gf. I do miss all the small little things that couples do. Liek how they do cooking together, shopping for groceries, watching drama cuddled up in bed. AhHh, thinking about old times bites into me as well. Argh. Bad! My mum would so kill me if she knows i also bought like 2 more tops. OH, and a pair of shoes!!!! OMG LAR. :( hah. IMABADGIRL. :P I am still checking my list for things to buy. I can feel a hole burning into my flesh now. Got to stop, stop. Soon.

Tomorrow will be a bright new day. I think i would start my berol simplify soon. As soon as i decide when to pack my wardrobe. haha, one fine day. I wanna go catch up with some dvd. Before i end this long winded post. Here goes. Sorry aight, bad snaps. *sigh*

The one and only, Leon. Byebye.

Oh, jay. Jay, JAY!


Where it all begins. Love this poem. Ama-zing.

The girl.

The boy.


Where it all ends. i love you.

It reaches to your heart, from here.

A secret, meant to be kept. Shh..

My polka mac :) how i keep things clean and round. hehe.

Thats all for the picts. Keep it a secret, aight? haha, blabbers. Going. tA~*